Services at our Chapel take place every 2 weeks and the usual congregation is around ten. Harvest and Carols can draw more than 60 which is full capacity. It is the intimacy and simplicity of the Chapel that many find particularly appealing. Currently services use the Book of Common Prayer and worshippers appreciate the link to the strong traditions of the Church. But the building could lend itself to other forms of worship: recently it was chosen for the first Taize service in the Benefice, which was very well received.

The building is kept locked but the key can usually be obtained from Mr J Edwards of Chapel Farm opposite.

Mark FitzGerald - Churchwarden




What's On

Service Times

A typical rota for regular services each month is as follows:

Week 1:
No Service

Week 2:
9:30am            Holy Communion (BCP) at Culm Davy Chapel

Week 3:
No Service

Week 4:
3:30pm            Evening Prayer (BCP) at Culm Davy Chapel

Week 5:
10.30am         Whole MC Holy Communion by rotation in each of the parishes

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